Bendigo’s Best Shiraz decided

The people have voted and Bendigo's Best Shiraz has been awarded to

2015 Burnt Acre Shiraz

From 16 Shiraz entered into the Bendigo's Best Shiraz competition the 2015 Burnt Acre Shiraz was a clear winner. 

Bendigo's Best Shiraz competition was held at Wine Bank on View over multiple days during Bendigo Uncorked Week (6th-15th October). Members of the public blind-tasted the full suite of Shiraz at one of six tasting sessions, and the winner was announced on Sunday 15th October.

Burnt Acre Winemaker Cliff Stubbs said that winning The People's Choice Award for Bendigo's Best Shiraz is very rewarding.

"We've been producing Shiraz since the 1992 vintage, and are passionate about our winemaking.

"Winning Bendigo's Best Shiraz competition has resulted in our winery being swamped with orders," said Mr Stubbs.

Burnt Acre Vineyard was planted in 1972 and produces rich, full flavoured wines that develop beautifully with cellaring. They don't have a cellar door so the best way to get your hands on their Shiraz is to contact Winemaker Cliff Stubbs on 0419 582 106.

The full list of Shiraz entered into Bendigo's Best Shiraz was:

2015 Burnt Acre Shiraz - Burnt Acre Vineyard
2013 Black Estate Shiraz - Black Estate
2015 Black Estate Shiraz - Black Estate
2013 Mandurang Valley Shiraz - Mandurang Valley Wines
2012 Glenwillow Reserve Shiraz - Glenwillow Wines
2015 Glenwillow Shiraz - Glenwillow Wines
2016 Sutton Grange Fairbank Syrah - Sutton Grange Winery
2015 5 Rounds Baringhup Shiraz - Water Wheel Vineyards
2012 Turners Crossing Shiraz - Turners Crossing Vineyard
2015 Balgownie Estate Black Label Shiraz - Balgownie Estate Bendigo
2016 Barbara's Shiraz - Harcourt Valley Vineyards
2014 Old Vine Shiraz - Harcourt Valley Vineyards
2015 Ravenswood Run Shiraz - Killiecrankie Wines
2013 Sandhurst Ridge Reserve Shiraz - Sandhurst Ridge Winery
2013 Sandhurst Ridge Shiraz - Sandhurst Ridge Winery
2014 Lome Shiraz - Lome

Maureen O’Connor with the 2015 Burnt Acre Shiraz

Maureen O’Connor with the 2015 Burnt Acre Shiraz