3 tips for drinking red wine this summer

Red wines are commonly associated with winter nights and fireplaces, but we believe that a glass of red in summer is just what you need with a delicious picnic or lunch in the sun. 
We’ve taken it upon ourselves to let you know that it’s OK to drink your red wines chilled. Here are a few of our tips.

Chill out, red wine is delicious in summer
The ideal temperature for serving red wine is actually 14-18 degrees. The cooler temperature can help tame the alcohol in higher percentage alcohol wines. It’s completely OK to chill your wines all the way down to 14 degrees to refresh you this summer.

Serve with a plate of delicious things
We all know that red wine pairs well with red meat. While thick, juicy steaks and slow-cooked lamb shanks are the winter comfort foods we all crave, we suggest pairing your chilled reds with something lighter in summer. Pair with pâté, cheese and biscuits or grilled tuna.
Refrigerated, not stirred
We suggest chilling your red wine in the fridge for 30-45 minutes before serving to reach optimum summer chill. Never place it in the freezer! Once opened, it’s a good idea to decant the wine to give it some room to breathe before enjoying.
Ultimately, it’s about your personal preference. We believe that while wine may benefit from certain treatment, it’s best served just the way you like it.