Killiecrankie in The Urban List Top 10

Killiecrankie Wines has been #urbanlisted as one of the Top Ten "Must-do's" by The Urban List Melbourne.

In the post titled 'Everything That's Making Us Want To Move To Bendigo', The Urban List says:

#9 Fairytale Wineries With Fairytale Wines
Set in a charming 1880s red brick cottage, Killecrankie Wines will charm their way into your kitchen cupboard. Home to award-winning wines with character you won’t find in your local bottle-o, the red-loving owners are currently producing a brand new variety of wine named 2017 Lola Montez Tempranillo, which is a nod to the famous Irish dancer. The cellar door is decorated with photography produced by the owners themselves and local street artist Nathan Sims, AKA Mr Dimples. In increasing order of importance: sample their boutique range, choose your favourite bottles to take home, and don’t forget to pat the two cats—Larry and Willow.